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Fill vacant sites

Lender Repos and other sources for discount mobile homes are shrinking fast and becoming more and more elusive. We know how to find them! Not only do we know how to find them - we know how to quickly & accurately estimate the rehab cost. Have us show you the ropes or contract us to do the work.To schedule a call - click here.


Our service is Nationwide

Homes within 2 hrs. of any community in the Country

Homes at a wholesale or discount price

Learn how or contract with us - we'll handle it

How it works

  • Our proprietary locator service targeted at finding "Lender Repos" & wholesale/discount homes

  • Strong marketing program - laser focused on interested cash discount mobile home sellers within 2 hours of any community Nationwide

  • ​Unique rehab checklist - quickly & accurately estimate rehab cost + procedures geared for timely turnaround of homes

  • We walk you through it - teaching and guiding our clients through the learning curve is truly important to us.

  • Want the results without the effort? Contract with us. We'll handle the marketing, screening, and acquisitions of your discount homes (this includes          move & setup). All we require is that you make the final decision & cut the check.

1 Free Consult

  • Fill out form - click here​

  • ​Initial phone consultation​

  • If we're a fit - we move forward

2 Collaborate

  • Indentify needs & set goals

  • ​Come up with a game plan

  • ​Together we implement

3 Results

  • Quick & Noticable

  • ​No headaches

  • ​Fun & Rewarding

Get Started
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