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​MHC is the trusted leader in all things MHC. Our tools and concepts elevate clients to the next level - both new to the industry and well established - allowing them to function in entirely new ways.

We stand by our products and services confidently - knowing you will benefit from them as much as we have ourselves. Collaboration and simplicity are at our core. We believe this keeps business fun and rewarding, the way it should be. We look forward to working with you.

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Michael Power


Portrait of a man in suit and tie

Eric Power

Vice President


Speaker, author, trainer, and creator of “The Management Platform.” Founder - Michael J. Power - has been active in the manufactured housing industry for 25 years. During that time he has managed a syndication firm specializing in mobile home parks and apartments. He has consulted with sellers & buyers in transactions across the United States and mentored to Community owners on operations.​​

In 1995, Michael co-founded a company to acquire and manage communities in Virginia and the Carolinas. As the operating partner, he coordinated the acquisition, turnaround and the management of twenty two communities (including 3,100 sites) in seven years.

In 2003 he put together a new program and managed the aquisition, move, rehab, and sales of 750 homes into his communities in just four years. 

In 2009, Michael, along with his son Eric, formed a consulting firm to share his expertise with clients nationwide.​

MHC has served clients such as small Community owners, and portfolio owner/operators.  Recently, Power completed a contract with Bank of America to provide Opinions of Value on 20 of their foreclosed Communities.

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