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  Attention: Mobile Home Park and RV Park Owners You can…

This is a great opportunity for anyone that is in a qualified opportunity Zone, and if you don't know what that is, then just ask, we will be glad to explain.


Enter into a Master Lease-I/O loan program with an option to buy back a portion after 10-20 years with JD Real Estate Group.

JD Real Estate Group will find passive investors to 

  • Provide the money necessary for upgrades and improvements on your park.

  • Run your park much more efficiently.

  • Raise your park rents to much more profitable market rates.


Want proof?

JD Real Estate Group took under their wing a 159 unit MHP in Northwest Arkansas. The rent rates started out at $245 a month. Through research our team discovered that the market rate for that area is approximately $350 per month. We concluded that even if the rent was only raised $75 per month over the course of 2 years that would come out to $11,925 per month or an additional $143,100 collected from the current tenants. The profit is evident!


An innovation developed by the JD Real Estate Group is that the Master Lease- I/O loan will be raised at a level equivalent to the cost of living increase annually .


Another unique aspect of the JD Real Estate Group Master Lease is a revenue share plan where the lessee will receive 7% of the additional net income that the JD Real Estate Group establishes through raising the rent and decreasing the expenses.

This is common in the retail world known as a revenue-sharing or percentage lease. The JD Real Estate Group thinks out of the a matter of fact there is no box that contains JD Real Estate Group, since they are making this option available for all master lease options.


Another facet that is possible if you have concern about your heirs spending the money once you pass away a trust can be developed, and the terms of payments for  those folks can be spelled out as well. 

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