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Clear & Comprehensive

Obtain an Opinion of value for your current community or a future prospective investment. Just what goes into our valuations? Careful review & analysis of information obtained from various sources - backed by Michael Power's 25 yrs. experience as an MHC Investment Broker consultant and community owner / operator. These valuations are clear, concise, and accurate


Our service is Nationwide

Examination of financials & pertinent information

Comprehsive market study

Site visits - when required

Recently we were contracted by Bank of America to do the pre-due diligence, analysis, and create complete "Opinions of Value" for 20 of their foreclosure Manufactured Housing Communities. 

How it works

  • Michael Power - Uses all pertinent info on the property and and his 25 years experience to prepare an estimated Proforma of Income & Expenses plus reasonable assumptions based on his knowledge of current, active buyer criteria in estimating low, medium and high cap rates as his assignment of value.

  • Review - current rent roll reflecting:  vacancy, delinquency & list of any homes to be included in the sale. Any information available related to fixed expenses and any available recent financials.

  • Phone interviews with on-site management & maintenance - (when possible) including questions directed to the condition of the water and sewer delivery systems. A preliminary rough estimate of capital improvements that may incur price adjustment by any incoming buyer.

  • Phone interviews with operators of any private water & private sewer systems - an estimate of capital improvements related to deficiencies where applicable in any 'Well, Septic or Waste Water Treatment Plant'.  

  • Market Study - to obtain information on any competing mobile home communities.

  • Proforma - of Income & Expenses prepared. An assignment of an opinion of value.

  • Site Visits - (When required) ​Per Diem + travel and lodging as applicable.

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